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Qdoba has opened a new location in Norwalk that attracts customers with the delicious smell of grilled meat and the luscious aroma of cooked onion and peppers. The place offers traditional Mexican food and fancy environment.

The head chef Ted Stoner, who is also responsible for the development of various products and meals, explains he uses his tours to Mexico inspire hot to create a rich assortment of dishes, such as the mango salad. It is a savory combination of fresh mangos, red bell peppers and cucumber placed over lettuce and complemented with a cilantro-lime topping.

According to Andrew Eck, who is a regional marketing manager, all clients should try meals with warm cheese sauce. It is made of cheddar, Monterey, Jack and American, tomatoes, poblano peppers, spices and garlic.

He explains that the queso sauce is the signature sauce of Qdoba that clients just love.

Here you can also try four types of burritos, tacos, tortilla soup, quesadillas, and Mexican gumbo. Small-sized meals are also a great choice. One option is to order naked burrito and taco salad without tortilla.

All dishes from the menu are prepared every day, so that customers can enjoy fresh and high quality food. Some of the dishes are even prepared two times every day, including the guacamole that is a mixture of avocados, red onion, jalapenos, lime and cilantro.

Meats are also prepared in the restaurant, so clients can see the cooking process of grilled chicken, pork, steaks and shredded beef.

Customers choose a dish and then it is prepared in front of them, so they can see the used ingredients.

The main aim of Qdoba is to make customers part of the cooking process and to allow them select the products.

The first Qdoba location was opened in Denver back in 1995. Today there are 654 restaurants in the USA. The management plans to open two other locations.

Visit Qdoba’s website for more information about locations and meals assortment.